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Covid restrictions eased for vaccinated residents of Singapore

10.08.2021 42 просмотров

Those vaccinated with two doses of the coronavirus vaccine, in particular, will be able to visit cafes, restaurants, exercise in gyms and sports halls.

Since Tuesday, Singapore authorities have partially lifted social restrictions for residents who are fully vaccinated against coronavirus.

The vaccination rate of the population in the country, which has reached 70%, "inspires confidence in the possibility of reopening the economy and restoring various activities," the statement said. Ministry of Health of the Republic. “Fully vaccinated residents who have a high degree of protection against the risk of infection or severe complications will be able to engage in wider activities, the rest must follow strict safety measures to protect themselves and others,” the department stressed. In particular, from Tuesday, those vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine will be able to visit cafes, restaurants, exercise in gyms and sports halls. Similar exemptions apply to children under 12.

In addition, from August 20, people arriving in Singapore from Australia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Canada, Norway, the Republic of Korea, Switzerland and vaccinated with two doses will be able to stay in a two-week quarantine at their homes. For the rest, there is still a mandatory isolation regime in special state centers.

At the same time, from August 10, the authorities will begin to recognize other vaccines included in the list for emergency use by the World Health Organization. We are talking about drugs manufactured by AstraZeneca, Sinovac, CoronaVac, Sinopharm, Johnson & Johnson. At the moment, the state vaccination program (including children from 12 years old) uses drugs manufactured by Moderna, as well as a consortium of Pfizer and BioNTech.

80% of the population of the country. “This will allow us to proceed with further reopening of the economy, the resumption of social activities, the easing of the regime for traveling abroad,” the statement said. The authorities intend to maintain a high rate of vaccination. “Coronavirus will become a part of our lives and will no longer dominate it,” the government commission stressed.

For many months, there were practically no cases of transmission of the virus directly in society in Singapore. However, in July, the daily increase in the number of cases of infection averaged about 100, the spread of the delta strain is of particular concern to the government. As a result, social restrictions were reintroduced. In total, during the pandemic in the city-state, more than 65.7 thousand infected people were recorded, 42 people died.

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