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Coronavirus spawned a new direction in jewelry art

25.11.2020 43 просмотров

The Japanese decorate protective masks with precious stones.

In Japan, the coronavirus era has spawned an entire subculture. People got used to the epidemic, like any other social phenomenon. Now in the Land of the Rising Sun, as, indeed, in India and Israel, a whole trend of jewelry art has appeared, which is engaged in decorating protective masks - these seemingly purely utilitarian household items.


Nozomi Tsukamoto, 22, student:

"I'm a bit unhappy with the price. It's quite an expensive item — I can hardly take it and buy it just like that..."


Mitsue Kaneko, 66, from Saitama Prefecture:

"If I wear one of these masks one day, it means that I will need a dress of the same level. So I think it will be a little inconsistent with everyday clothing..."

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Azusa Kajitaka, Sales

"Although no one has bought any of these masks from us (the price is, you know, 1 million yen apiece), we have seen a positive reaction from the customers. So we hope that someone will nevertheless decide and purchase such a product for himself..."


The jewelry band worn over a normal protective mask is similar to a dress on a case However, I will make a reservation, a very expensive dress, given that one such little thing will cost almost 9 and a half thousand dollars to the happy owner of an exclusive jewelry.


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