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Coronavirus in Russia can be overcome in 2-3 months

26.03.2020 117 просмотров

Vladimir Putin announced this at a meeting with businessmen.

“This is already a good forecast. Because in some countries they say that the war with him will be very long. But when we really get out of this situation, and we will definitely get out, I hope even earlier than you said (two or three months)," the president told the entrepreneurs.

Before the threat of the spread of coronavirus Indian authorities
transferred the country to a "quarantine" position
In addition, the head of state considers it possible for the state to support the delivery of food to Russians at home, but everything needs to be calculated.

So, in Presidential meeting with entrepreneurs, one of its participants suggested that the country start subsidizing 50/50 online delivery orders for small and medium businesses for restaurants.

support. You just need to calculate how much by how much. For the same restaurateurs, everything sits down, but for you, on the contrary, with an increase in the volume of your work, in fact, an increase in the market, the amount of delivery increases, which means you can reduce your rates. Therefore, you just need to calculate it.

Support of the state is, of course, possible and can be demanded,” Putin said.

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