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Coronavirus doomed Christians to private Easter

19.04.2020 41 просмотров

In Israel and Palestine, the streets of the Eternal City of Jerusalem remain unusually empty on April 19, the first day of Bright Week, due to the planetary SARS pandemic.

The morning Easter service was held behind closed doors, without the participation of the townspeople. Like the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Patriarch of Jerusalem, in turn, urged the faithful to stay home and watch the services on TV.

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During the entire week preceding Orthodox Easter, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher was closed to the faithful at the request of the Israeli police due to the terrorist threat. Access to the holy of holies of all Christian denominations was opened only on April 18 during the divine service for the giving of the Holy Fire and for the Easter Liturgy - however, without the right of access for the laity.

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The same situation is observed everywhere - in particular, in another part of the Holy Land - in the ancient kingdom of Jordan. There, the clergy are also forced to hold a festive Easter service without parishioners.

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"This year we celebrate Easter without the laity, in a narrow circle of clergy," says Father Rifat Bader, a priest from Jordan. "Of course, we are sad, because that we are unable to greet our flock, as we always do about all the events of the religious year.People are also upset, although they are well aware that they cannot come to the liturgy, not because they are forbidden, but because they follow the prescribed in their own interest in the safety rules of the Kingdom authorities."

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Many believers really met Easter at home, with lit candles, virtually attending Easter service.

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"We observed everything that is prescribed by the church rules - both fasting and the obligatory reading of prayers," says parishioner Ammal Nakhhas. - But we are not able to get together for Easter with the whole family, as we always do. Usually on Easter Sunday we have a big family gathering, and all the days of Bright Week we visit guests. This is exactly what we need this year."

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In total, 413 people fell ill with COVID-19 in Jordan by April 19; seven died. In Palestine, 431 people were infected by April 17; two patients died. In Israel, by April 18 13107 people are sick with atypical pneumonia, 158 people died.

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