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Coronavirus changes New Year traditions

05.11.2020 106 просмотров

Singapore authorities have canceled the traditional New Year's fireworks over Marina Bay.

For the first time, the Singapore authorities canceled the traditional colorful New Year's Eve ceremony in Marina Bay due to the coronavirus pandemic. This was stated in a report released on Thursday by the Urban Development Authority.

“Health and safety remain a priority for the government, therefore, a decision was made on other formats for organizing holidays for residents,” reads in the statement. In particular, fireworks will be held in various areas of the city-state, as well as at least two light shows in Marina Bay. “We will show the unity of the Singaporeans that has made it possible to overcome the pandemic, as well as the determination to become stronger in the coming year,” the agency said.

On New Year's Eve, the management said, a special concert program will be organized without the participation of spectators.

The colorful ceremony of counting the last 10 seconds of the outgoing year and the subsequent fireworks over the bay in the heart of Singapore's business district has been held annually since 2005.

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