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Coronavirus becomes endemic in Turkey

19.04.2022 60 просмотров

In Turkey, the coronavirus pandemic is being replaced by an endemic.

The period of the coronavirus pandemic in Turkey has ended, covid will become an endemic disease. Aydın Yılmaz, a member of the Turkish Scientific Council on Coronavirus, expressed this opinion on Monday.

“The severe COVID-19 epidemic, the pandemic is behind us. Further, we will observe [the disease] as an endemic, it will develop like the flu. I hope that we will spend the upcoming summer season very calmly,” the TRT TV channel quoted the scientist as saying. including in intensive care units. As an example, he cited his hospital in Ankara, where only four patients are in intensive care, they have been undergoing treatment for a long time. “For the past 15 days, not a single seriously ill patient has been admitted to the intensive care unit,” the representative of the scientific council added.

Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, in turn, announced the upcoming meeting of the scientific council on Thursday on the coronavirus, on which important decisions are planned.

“It is time to forget about the coronavirus pandemic, which has been holding the world agenda hostage for two years. Then we want to continue living, observing personal protection measures and getting vaccinated, ”the minister of TRT quotes. “At the upcoming meeting of the scientific council on Thursday, we will discuss the situation with the pandemic and take the necessary measures. In my opinion, this will be one of the most important meetings of the council,” said the head of the Turkish Ministry of Health.

On the situation with covid

Turkish authorities in connection with the improvement of the epidemic situations in March lifted the requirement to wear protective masks on the streets and indoors, the so-called health codes, PCR testing for those who do not have symptoms of coronavirus. However, for foreign tourists, the conditions for entering the country have not changed yet: vaccination with a vaccine recognized in Turkey (for Russians, Sputnik V), a negative PCR test for covid or antigens, and a certificate of past illness.

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