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Coronavir will go on sale

18.09.2020 118 просмотров

The retail price of a Coronavir package will be from 11,550 rubles.

The retail price of Coronavir (international non-proprietary name Favipiravir), a drug for the treatment of a new coronavirus infection, will be from 11,550 rubles per pack, R-Pharm's press service told TASS on Friday. The package will contain 50 tablets of 200 mg.

Previously, the CEO of Promomed, which produces another medicine for coronavirus, Areplivir, announced that the drug would retail at 12,320 rubles. The Ministry of Health of Russia allowed the use of Coronavir and Areplivir for the outpatient treatment of patients with coronavirus.

Favipiravir was developed in Japan for the treatment of influenza and approved for use in 2014. Preparations based on it are produced under the names "Avigan", "Areplivir" or "Favilavir". In Russia, it is sold under the name Avifavir. Avifavir was officially registered by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation as the first medicine for coronavirus at the end of May 2020. It also became the world's first registered drug for the treatment of coronavirus infection. A direct antiviral drug that disrupts the mechanisms of coronavirus reproduction has demonstrated high efficiency in clinical trials. 

For reference:

  • Coronavir is one of the first drugs in Russia and the world that fights not with complications from SARS-CoV-2, but directly with the virus itself;
  • The development of R-Pharm effectively blocks the replication of the virus, which was proven in the course of registration clinical trials;
  • Coronavir is the only favipiravir drug registered in Russia with proven efficacy in a cohort of outpatients;
  • Studies have shown that the use of Coronavir at an early stage of COVID-19 minimizes and virtually eliminates the likelihood of complications requiring hospitalization.

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