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Conscious citizens storm hospitals in Bangladesh

24.03.2021 47 просмотров

People want to be tested for a new type of coronavirus.

In Bangladesh, there is a real pandemonium outside the walls of hospitals and clinics. From the early hours of March 24, residents of metropolitan Dhaka rushed to storm health facilities to get tested for the coronavirus. Such awareness is associated with the dissemination through the media of a message about the beginning of a new wave of COVID-19 that has swept the world.

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Nasir Hawlader, Dhaka resident:

"A new wave of coronavirus has begun. So I came here to stand in a long line and get tested for COVID-19. Many have been standing here since early morning ".

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The Ministry of Health of Bangladesh reported 3,500 new infections on 23 March. It also became known that about 20 people died. In total, in this country, the total number of infected since the beginning of the pandemic has amounted to more than 570 thousand patients. The government continues to distribute public service announcements, urging citizens to be conscious - wear masks, wash their hands and keep their distance, avoiding crowding.

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Meanwhile, the extremely low incidence in a poor and densely populated country raises a question for many doctors. Thus, 50 million people live in the capital of Bangladesh, and the area of the metropolis is significantly less than the same Moscow.

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