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Competition "Glory to Russia" became international

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In the third year of its existence, the competition "Glory to Russia" became international - young authors from Moldova, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Puerto Rico and Bangladesh joined the participants from all regions of Russia. Participants from 5 to 20 years old are invited.

The creative task in the competition regulations is as follows: "Works (drawing + mini-essay) about people and events that make up the Glory of Russia are accepted for the competition."#nbsp;

Children and youth from different countries send their works to all categories, and it turns out that we are united not only by a common past, which is remembered by the older generation who lived in the era of the USSR.

Young foreign participants of the competition reveal the given topic in their own way and very creatively: their works tell about modern ways of communication that know no boundaries.#nbsp; About hobbies that are the same for peers all over the world. About friendship, about cooperation in all areas, about travel. About love for your family and the place where you were born or live. About books and characters from which you take an example.

There are also works about the future as imagined by the younger generation. In this future, there is cooperation between different peoples and countries, but there are no wars, in this future scientific medical technologies are developed and conditions for a calm and happy life are created, where everyone can be happy, do what they love and realize their talents.

The younger generation through communication and creativity can achieve much greater results than professional politicians and diplomats, and they will do it in their own way and much faster. Let the competition "Glory to Russia" also help them in this.

We say "Welcome!" participants from different countries and we are waiting for your works for the competition!

3 ways to submit your work to the Glory of Russia contest 2021-2022

Join our group for friendly communication and exchange of experience #nbsp;VKontakte, where there are already thousands of members.

See the contest entries on our#nbsp;on the contest website and #nbsp; in the albums of the competition in VK

Participation in the "Glory to Russia" contest absolutely free of charge at all stages. A large prize fund from the organizers and partners of the contest: prizes with a face value of up to 20 thousand rubles. We publish each work. Absolutely every participant is awarded with a personal laudable Diploma.

Each teacher-mentor is awarded a personal letter of thanks.#nbsp;Documents on the GEF are taken into account during certification.

Consolation Bonus Prizes worth 3,000 rubles will be raffled between authors who did NOT become winners.

In-person award ceremonies in Moscow and other regions will take place in 2022.

There will be a number of face-to-face exhibitions of the winners' works in Moscow and various regions of Russia in 2022.

A number of face-to-face conferences will be held in Moscow and the regions in 2022 for teachers.

The III All-Russian competition of children's and youth creativity "GLORY OF RUSSIA" 2021-2022 is supported by the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives as part of a large-scale project called the All-Russian Cultural and Educational Project historical and patriotic orientation "Glory to Russia".

Can participate: children and young people from 5 to 20 years old.

The main goal of the competition is mass participation. Each author has a chance to win, the jury first of all pays attention to the independence and originality of the work.

Competition official website#nbsp;

Regulations (rules) of the contest

Submit an application (submit your work through the website)

Submit an application (submit your work via VKontakte)

Submit an application (send your work to the competition by e-mail )

Apply via#nbsp ;email

Publications I work and actively communicate on VKontakte in the Glory of Russia group

Facebook Contest Group https://www


Official video channel of the competition channel/UC0HK-k- ljuhPuV4g56REn1g/videos

Phone/WhatsApp +7 (915) 191-38-97 (strictly on weekdays, from 10:00 to 18:00 Moscow time)

e-mail sla


Copyright holder and organizer of the GLORY OF RUSSIA contest ANO Center for Cultural Projects "Razvitie"

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