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Colored rims on cars banned in Ashgabat

22.03.2019 66 просмотров

According to the order of the authorities of the capital of Turkmenistan, now only silver colors are allowed.

Even white and dark gray wheels were banned.

Toyota Camry" sold
for 100 rubles in Krasnoyarsk
Drivers who break the rule have traffic police They will take away the technical certificate for the car and send it to MOT.

Documents will not be returned until the car owner repaints or changes the wheels. Queues are already lining up in car maintenance services.

So, on many brands of Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes cars of the latest years of production (2017-2019), dark-colored wheels are installed as standard, that is, even new cars do not correspond to new ones. requirements.

Recall that since mid-February, cars of dark colors have been sent to the impound lot in the republic.

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