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Colombo residents fear for their economic survival

26.10.2020 105 просмотров

A new quarantine has begun in Sri Lanka, which caused serious concern among the citizens of this state.

In the capital of the island nation of Sri Lanka, Colombo, authorities have announced a new quarantine in order to curb another surge in coronavirus infections.


Ajit Dilendra, store owner:

"We have taken some epidemiological safety measures in preparation for the exit from quarantine. For example, automatic temperature monitoring stations have been installed at the entrance. Also we are equipping hand sanitizers near the entrance to the store. We will check whether people wear masks when entering the store and whether they comply with all epidemiological requirements."


Dulcy Vizhertane, owner of the Vegetables and Fruits Shop:

"Wouldn't it be great if they didn't announce a new quarantine and allow us to trade in peace. Because even if only a few buyers come to me during the whole working day, I still somehow still can make ends meet.


The new COVID-19 outbreak began in a clothing factory and quickly spread throughout the city. Consistent deterioration of the epidemiological situation has been going on over the past two weeks.


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