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Coins dedicated to Yekaterinburg entered circulation

31.12.2021 70 просмотров

The coin was issued in the series "Cities of labor prowess".

Commemorative coins of 10 rubles, dedicated to Yekaterinburg as a city of labor prowess, entered circulation. They depict a fragment of the monument to the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps, the press service of the Ural State Bank of Russia reported on Wednesday. message.

According to Maxim Artemiev, Head of the Cash Circulation Department of the Ural State Bank of Russia, a 10-ruble coin made of steel with a brass galvanic coating was minted in a million copies. It is a legal means of cash payment in the country and is required to be accepted at face value in all types of payments without restrictions. The coin depicts a fragment of the monument to the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps.

"The monument symbolizes the military and labor merits of the inhabitants of the city and is significant for them. It is also an architectural monument with high aesthetic qualities," stressed Maxim Artemyev< /b>.

The Ural Volunteer Tank Corps is a unique tank formation, which was created on March 11, 1943 with voluntary contributions from the inhabitants of the Urals. During the Great Patriotic War, the corps reached Prague, the combat path was over 5.5 thousand km. Specially for his fighters, Finnish knives were produced in Zlatoust, which German intelligence called "black" because of the color of the handle. Later, this name was given to the composition of the tank corps.

According to the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the title "City of Labor Valor" is awarded to cities whose inhabitants "made a significant contribution to achieving victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945, ensuring the uninterrupted production of military and civilian products at industrial enterprises located on the territory of the city, while demonstrating mass labor heroism and selflessness. In July 2020, Vladimir Putin signed a decree conferring the honorary title on 20 cities, including Yekaterinburg.

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