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Clowns entertain quarantined seasonal workers in India

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In India, laughter helps fight despair.

Shital Abarwal, a 34-year-old civil servant from New Delhi, decided to provide psychological assistance to migrant workers from abroad and the country's provincial regions who are in self-isolation in the capital's hostels after the introduction of a multi-week quarantine.

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of my problems, which day and night do not go out of my head, - says migrant Sushila Kumari, mother of a 9-year-old boy. -  I became a little more cheerful, although all I crave and strive for is to return home as soon as possible! "

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Sheetal Abarwal herself says that even before the epidemic, she began to create the image of a clown to entertain b olny kids in hospitals. But then she got the idea to perform for adults, who, in fact, are the same big children. So far, the woman does not know if she has somehow managed to alleviate the whole drama of the situation for people who, due to the epidemic, have lost their freedom of movement, and often their earnings after the closure of enterprises.  

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According to rough estimates, internal labor migration in India is at least 100 million people. 

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For the most part, this contingent works on construction sites and, in general, in low-skilled jobs. The death rate from COVID-19 in the country remains extremely low - as of May 15, it amounted to 2600 patients in a population of 1 billion 300 million people.

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