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Clinical trials of the Russian intranasal vaccine will begin by the end of the year

14.05.2021 123 просмотров

A nasal vaccine for COVID-19 may be registered in 2022.

Intranasal vaccine against coronavirus, developed by scientists of the Center. Gamaleya, will enter clinical trials in late 2021-early 2022, and registration of the drug may take place as early as 2022, Director of the Center Alexander Gintsburg told TASS.

“The Center is working on several directions in terms of creating and improving vaccines against COVID-19. One direction is the creation of a nasal form of the vaccine. It is currently undergoing preclinical studies. We plan to enter the clinic at the end of this - early next year, with access to its registration based on the results of the study in 2022, "the scientist said.

Previously, Alexander Gintsburg said that it is still that the introduction of the nasal vaccine will be two times, but one-time is not excluded. According to him, the advantage of this form of vaccine is that there will be practically no side effects.

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