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Classes resumed in Syrian schools and universities

25.04.2021 107 просмотров

Schoolchildren in Syria started taking exams after the quarantine was lifted.

More than 1.5 million students in Syrian schools and technical schools returned to classes on Sunday and began taking exams after the lifting of the quarantine imposed by the authorities on April 5 due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus. As reported by the SANA agency, classrooms have also opened in Syrian universities, where students have begun preparing for the exam session.

>Jaafar Nasser. “All educational institutions are provided with the necessary hygienic means, disinfection was carried out in advance in their premises.”

The educational process in the country went on remotely for 20 days, classes were interrupted due to an increase in the number of infected among the teaching staff .

Earlier, the Syrian ministries and departments switched to a reduced work schedule in accordance with the government's decision. Due to the strengthening of quarantine measures due to the pandemic, the staff in state institutions serving citizens, as well as in the courts and social security agencies, was reduced by 50%.

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