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Citizens of Tajikistan will be paid a pension for seniority acquired in Russia

13.04.2022 188 просмотров

The Parliament of Tajikistan ratified the agreement with RF on cooperation in the pension sphere.

Deputies of the lower house of the Parliament of Tajikistan ratified the Agreement between Tajikistan and Russia on cooperation in the field of pension provision. According to the press center of the parliament, this and other issues were considered during the regular session of the parliament on Wednesday.

“The speakers stressed that the Agreement between Tajikistan and Russia on cooperation in the field of pensions is aimed at regulating the protection of the rights of citizens of the contracting parties in the field of social insurance and pensions,  - the message says.

During the discussion in the parliament, it was explained that from now on the parties will pay pensions to citizens of both countries working on their territories in accordance with their laws. That is, if a citizen of Tajikistan worked in Russia, then a pension is assigned to him in accordance with Russian legislation and work experience in the Russian Federation, and vice versa. This agreement was signed in September 2021.

According to the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment of the Population of Tajikistan, about 95% of labor migrants from Tajikistan go to Russia. In 2021, over 373 thousand people left the republic to work in other countries. citizens, including about 2 thousand people sent by organizational recruitment through the Employment Agency under the Ministry of Labor and private employment agencies. According to various estimates, about 1 million Tajik citizens work on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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