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Cinemas to reopen in Georgia

18.03.2021 42 просмотров

Cinemas will open in Georgia from April 1.

The Interdepartmental Coordinating Council for the Fight against Coronavirus under the Prime Minister of Georgia decided to allow the operation of cinemas and children's entertainment centers from April 1, which have been closed since March 2020 due to the pandemic. Ilya Darchiashvili, head of the administration of the country's government, said this on Thursday at a briefing following the meeting of the council.

“Today, the coordinating council decided to additionally lift restrictions. From April 1, in compliance with all precautions, children's entertainment centers and cinemas will resume operation, and from tomorrow, March 19, live music will be allowed at catering facilities,” he specified.

The Interdepartmental Council decided to allow filling audience stands by 30% at the football match between Georgia and Spain on March 28. We are talking about the qualifying tournament for the 2022 World Cup.

The first case of coronavirus infection in Georgia was recorded on February 26, 2020. From March 21 to May 22 last year, a state of emergency was in effect in the country. Since May, the government began to remove all restrictions, but by autumn the epidemic situation worsened again. Since the end of November 2020, the authorities of the republic had to re-impose restrictions, which began to be gradually relaxed from February 1.

At the moment, 276,436 cases of infection have been recorded in the country, which is 7.44% of the population.A campaign for vaccination against coronavirus with a drug from the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca began in the republic on March 15 ("Astrazeneca"). So far, only health workers can get vaccinated. According to the Ministry of Health of Georgia, over 2.7 thousand people were vaccinated in three days. The authorities of the republic plan to vaccinate 60% of the population (about 1.7 million people) by the end of the year in order to form collective immunity.

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