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Cinemas and children's entertainment centers will reopen in Adygea on November 11

07.11.2021 86 просмотров

Also, hookah and nightclubs will reopen in the republic. The non-working days in the region will not be extended.

Cinemas, children's entertainment centers, hookahs and nightclubs will be able to resume their work in Adygea after November 10, the regional operational headquarters for combating the spread of coronavirus infection announced on Saturday on the telegram channel. the work of cinemas, hookahs and clubs, children's entertainment centers and other leisure facilities located in the mall.

including the mall. It remains relevant to comply with sanitary and epidemiological requirements when visiting markets, trade facilities, cafes, restaurants, as well as cultural institutions, tourism, sports and physical education,” the message says.

School holidays in Adygea will not be extended, and from Monday, full-time studies will begin for students in grades 1-11 of all schools in the republic. Also, from Monday, the working days resume, but a number of restrictions still remain in effect. Earlier it was reported that a two-week vacation was introduced in the region - from October 25 to November 7 - for all students in the schools of Adygea. about vaccination or about a disease transferred no more than six months ago, or a negative PCR test for COVID-19 (if there is a certificate of medical exemption from vaccination). When checking into hotels and recreation centers, not only QR codes are still required, but also up-to-date PCR tests. The self-isolation regime for non-working and unvaccinated citizens over 60 years of age will continue in the republic, the report specifies.

2,585 people are being treated (plus 82 per day). Since the beginning of the pandemic, 18,938 people have recovered in the republic (plus 48 per day), 594 have died.

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