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The number of users of the service "Traveling without COVID-19" exceeded 1.5 million

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All the EAEU states took part in the project, as well as Azerbaijan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, Mikhail Mishustin said.

The functioning of the "Traveling without COVID-19" application in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), the number of users of which exceeded 1.5 million, did not infringe on the sovereignty of any of the participating countries. This was stated by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, speaking at the Digital Almaty 2023 forum on Friday.

According to him, this useful mobile application did not immediately gain support, its implementation was accompanied by serious discussions with individual partners. Therefore, it first worked for two countries in a test mode, then for three, and as a result, all the states of the union took part in the project, and Azerbaijan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan also joined.

"By the end of last year, the number of users had already crossed 1.5 million. 5 million PCR tests were uploaded," Mikhail Mishustin said. He called for further development of this platform, using it for any opportunities, "so that the most important issue — the movement of labor — is resolved." "This is the ideology of our union," the head of the Russian government added.

"The introduction of the mobile application "I travel without COVID-19" did not infringe on the sovereignty of any of the EAEU countries, which was also obvious with his idea. Although it was such concerns that were initially voiced by colleagues. Moreover, during its creation, a unique architecture was developed that makes it possible to exclude the provision of personal data during cross—border information exchange, which is very important," the Prime minister stressed. He noted that the certified medical laboratories of the participating countries, where it is possible to pass a PCR test, followed uniform requirements and protocols and used one digital system through which the service of providing research results was carried out. "Such a common platform solution with integrated national segments will create a barrier—free environment for the free movement of goods, services, capital and labor," Mikhail said Mishustin.

"Of course, we must not stop there, <...> think about how to use this application further," the head of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation continued. "Friends, you need to start with the simple, and then go to the complex. When we talk about artificial intelligence, new technologies, and complex data, we must bring our basic systems to an agreement. It seems to me that this is very important," Mikhail Mishustin addressed his colleagues in the EAEU.

The application "Traveling without COVID-19" was created by the Digital Initiatives Fund of the Eurasian Development Bank to allow people to move between the EAEU states during the pandemic.

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