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Chinese scientists test COVID-19 airborne recognition systems at Olympics

17.02.2022 112 просмотров

Chinese doctors believe that the transmission of the virus is also possible through aerosol particles in the air.

Chinese scientists are building systems to detect traces of the new coronavirus in the air in order to prevent the spread of the disease caused by COVID-19. The technology is being pilot tested at the 2022 Olympics, China Daily reported on Wednesday.

Liu Peng, a researcher at the School of Medicine at Tsinghua University, stated. Checking the air for the virus, he said, can be an important auxiliary tool for early warning.

In addition to direct infection of others when sneezing and coughing sick people, Chinese doctors believe that the virus can be transmitted through aerosol particles that are in air, especially indoors.

Equipment for the detection of these harmful aerosols is a portable device that sucks in air samples and sifts out of them the smallest particles that may contain the virus. These particles are then dissolved in a liquid and passed through a nucleic acid detector. According to the developers, this device is ten times more sensitive than conventional molecular genetic diagnostic devices.

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