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Chinese scientists have created a fast-acting nasal vaccine against COVID-19

17.11.2021 100 просмотров

The vaccine is based on a weakened influenza virus and has been tested on animals.

Molecular biologists have developed an intranasal vaccine against a new type of coronavirus based on the influenza virus. Experiments have shown that thanks to this drug, immunity to new and old varieties of SARS-CoV-2 in hamsters and ferrets is formed just a day after administration. The scientists published a description of the study on bioRxiv.

Most of the approved COVID-19 vaccines are injected into the human body. This limits the place of their application to medical institutions or specially equipped premises. In addition, intramuscular vaccines form local immunity worse in the tissues of the lungs and nasopharynx, where the coronavirus first penetrates.

Chinese scientists led by Professor Xiamen University Xia Ningshao solved both of these problems by creating experimental vaccine dNS1-RBD. It is a set of many modified influenza virus particles. Biologists have altered the genome of the influenza pathogen so that it cannot reproduce in the human body, but at the same time forces its cells to produce coronavirus proteins.

The safety and effectiveness of this vaccineXia Ningshao and his colleagues tested for ferrets and hamsters are animals that are susceptible to coronavirus infection in the same way as humans. Experiments have shown that after the introduction of the vaccine, the animals did not develop flu symptoms in animals, and immunity to the coronavirus was formed.

The first beneficial effects from the introduction of the vaccine began to appear already on the first day after vaccination. In this case, the virus entered the body of newly vaccinated rodents, but the animals did not die from the infection, nor did they lose weight and did not experience any obvious symptoms of COVID-19.

Hamsters remained immune to the effects of coronavirus, in including its beta variant, even nine months after vaccination. This suggests that the Chinese scientists' vaccine could provide long-term protection against new and old variations of the coronavirus.

SoonXia Ningshao and his colleagues are finishing human trials of the vaccine. The first two phases have already begun, with more than a thousand healthy Chinese people participating. The third phase is planned for the coming weeks and months.

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