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Chinese researchers create new lung cancer drug

21.12.2020 208 просмотров

The medical journal The Lancet has published the results of a phase III clinical trial of a new lung cancer drug developed by a Chinese university. 

The data show that the median overall survival is up to 27.9 months. This is the longest period ever achieved in global lung cancer clinical trials.

The innovative drug Camrelizumab was developed by a team at Shanghai Pulmonology Hospital in collaboration with Tongji University.

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Results Phase III clinical trials show that the immune drug Camrelizumab combined with chemotherapy not only achieved an overall survival of 27.9 months, but also increased the objective response rate (OPR) by up to 60 percent.

“Objective response rate (OPR) means that after treatment, the tumor is reduced by at least 30 percent. After immunotherapy plus chemotherapy, there is a chance that in 60 percent of cases the tumor will achieve objective remission. This is very good data,” explains Zhou Kaikun, director of the oncology department of the Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital.

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Developed by Chinese companies for 10 years, Camrelizumab made a historic breakthrough in this field medicine, and increased the credibility of Chinese experts in the development of original innovative drugs.
Pulmonology Hospital has established a clinical research center with a dedicated clinical research department to support clinical projects.

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the hospital allocated a total of 26.5 million yuan to develop 36 projects for support for our development and clinical research. We hope to build a high-level team that can solve the problems found in clinical treatment,” said Ai Kaixing,head of the Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital.

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