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Chinese Navy begins exercises in South China Sea

02.05.2021 86 просмотров

A squadron of the Chinese Navy, led by the aircraft carrier Shandong, is conducting exercises in the South China Sea.

detachment of Navy ships of the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA), led by the aircraft carrier Shandong, arrived in the South China Sea for exercises. This was announced on Sunday by the official representative of the country's NavyGao Xucheng.

"Currently, a detachment of PLA Navy ships led by the Shandong aircraft carrier is conducting exercises in the corresponding water area of the South China Sea." ," he said in a statement posted on the PLA Navy's official Weixin social media account.

“These exercises were organized in accordance with the annual training plan, they are fully justified and are taking place in accordance with relevant standards. The maneuvers will enhance the ability of the troops to protect state sovereignty, security and development interests, as well as to uphold regional peace and stability. We hope for an objective attitude towards them from external observers,” said the official representative of the Chinese Navy.

On April 29, the Chinese Ministry of Defense protested the United States in connection with the interference of an American ship in the PLA naval exercises. Then a group of ships led by the Liaoning aircraft carrier carried out maneuvers in an unnamed water area. According to the Chinese Ministry of Defense, the US Navy destroyer USS John McCain continuously conducted "close-range reconnaissance of the Chinese formation, flagrantly interfered with the exercises and posed a serious threat to the safety of the ships and crews of both sides."

Tensions remain in the South China Sea due to for the claims of a number of countries in the region to the Spratly archipelago and the neighboring Paracel Islands. China, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines are involved in this dispute.

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