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Chinese marathon runner runs 50 kilometers across the room

16.02.2020 40 просмотров

Athlete Li Zhanzhe from the city of Changsha in Hunan province decided not to miss training due to the raging coronavirus and continued to exercise at home.

man daily runs through the rooms up to 10 kilometers. According to the athlete, he learned to move around the house almost silently, so the neighbors do not even know that Li Zhanzhe arranges races all day long.

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Another marathon runner Pan Shancu also does not stop training and broadcasts his races live on social networks. He ran a 50-kilometer marathon, making almost 6.5 thousand circles around his bed in five hours. Two days later, he managed to run 30 kilometers in the bathroom.

In a social network, the athlete said that he also ran around two massage tables at home. One circle was about eight meters. Pan's personal record in the marathon at a distance of 42.2 kilometers is 2 hours 59 minutes. 

Travel restrictions due to quarantine, which have been introduced in many cities of the Celestial Empire, are forcing marathon runners to come up with various ways to maintain yourself in shape. 

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