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Chinese doctors mobilize all forces to fight the virus

16.02.2020 30 просмотров

In the focus of the spread of coronavirus, the Chinese city of Wuhan, local doctors are selflessly fighting the infection and trying to support patients as best they can.

In two field hospitals deployed in just 2 weeks, capable of receiving several thousand patients each, the medical staff even dances for the sick.

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Ethnic people from all over the country work together day and night to develop an effective vaccine and save people.

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"Actually, I'm from Xinjiang. When they take me to work in the morning, I always look out the window to see the city - especially when our bus passes the lake," paramedic Bakhargul says Budesh - I really like Wuhan - every day I photograph the city streets and send them to my loved ones. I'll come here to walk along the avenues".

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Chinese Leader Xi Jinping called on the nation to show solidarity with the sick. He stated that all Chinese citizens should also interact closely and stick together like "pomegranate seeds nestled together."

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A new contingent of doctors from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region recently arrived in Wuhan. There are many women in the ranks of the staff. Most of them agreed to cut their long hair to make it easier to work in chemical protection suits. Doctors spend many hours in them every day without taking them off to avoid infection.

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