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Chinese COVID-19 Vaccines Stimulate Immunological Memory

01.08.2021 116 просмотров

Immunological memory in the human body, formed after the introduction of Chinese vaccines against COVID-19, is retained for at least one year. 

This was stated by a researcher at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention Shao Yiming on July 31 at a press conference in Beijing.

He noted that at present, some Chinese vaccine companies are working on the study of the shelf life of antibodies to coronavirus in the human body and the stability of immunity after vaccination against COVID-19. In the course of research, scientists and specialists evaluate the duration of the protective effect of vaccines against COVID-19 by monitoring changes in the geometric mean values of titers (GMT) of neutralizing antibodies produced after the introduction of vaccines against COVID-19 used in mass vaccination of the population, after 6 and after 12 months after completing the full course of vaccination.

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"Because COVID-19 vaccines have been developed relatively recently, we still need to collect more data on how long the immunological efficacy of vaccines lasts. Available data show that when vaccinated against COVID-19, as well as when vaccinated against common infectious diseases, the level of antibodies in the human body after vaccination decreases over time.In groups of people aged 18 to 59 years and over 60 years after six months after full vaccination, the levels of all types of antibodies, especially neutralizing ones, decreased by 1.4-12.4 times. However, a drop in antibody levels does not mean that the vaccine loses its protective properties," the Chinese expert said.

According to the expert, the data show that the body's immunological memory after the introduction of vaccines can be maintained for at least one year after vaccination .

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"Immunology teaches that in addition to antibodies, the memory cells of vaccinated people are also very important for immune defense. Boosting immunization studies by some companies show that an additional dose of the drug in the body 6 and 12 months after the full vaccination can significantly increase the level of neutralizing antibodies in a relatively short period of time. This indicates that vaccination can induce the human body to develop a good immunological memory that lasts for at least one year," said Shao Yiming.

Scientist, China Center for Control and Prevention of Diseases also emphasized that Chinese inactivated vaccines provide comprehensive protection against coronavirus.

"Chinese vaccines of various types, including inactivated ones, have a good protective effect, have a certain effect in preventing infection, and show clear efficacy in protecting against re-transmission of the virus." and demonstrable effectiveness in preventing severe illness and death," he said.

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