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Chinese company Zhifei has created a three-component vaccine

20.03.2021 43 просмотров

Zhifei has developed China's first covid vaccine in three stages.

The Chinese company Zhifei Longkema (Zhifei Longkema, abbreviated as Zhifei), together with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has created the first recombinant protein vaccine against coronavirus in China, which is designed for three vaccinations. The People's Daily reported this on Saturday.

Zhifei's production capacity allows it to produce up to 300 million doses a year, it said. Thus, the enterprise is able to vaccinate 100 million people annually. A series of vaccinations should be given at one-month intervals.

As of March 17, this drug has been approved by the authorities for emergency use, the newspaper said. In addition to it, four more vaccines have been created in China: three inactivated and one adenovirus. They are intended for vaccination in one or two stages.

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