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China to supply other countries with 2 billion doses of vaccines in 2021

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In addition, China will provide $100 million to COVAX to provide vaccine assistance to developing countries.

China will provide countries around the world with a total of 2 billion doses of coronavirus vaccines during 2021. Chinese President Xi Jinping made the announcement on Thursday at the International Coronavirus Vaccine Cooperation Forum, which is being held online.

"China will continue to make efforts to provide assistance developing countries in the fight against the pandemic. Over the course of this year, China will make efforts to provide the world with 2 billion doses of coronavirus vaccine," China Central Television quoted him as saying.

$100 million for COVAX
China will allocate $100 million to the World Health Organization (WHO) global project for joint procurement and distribution of the COVAX vaccine to provide vaccine assistance to developing countries.

"China has decided to donate $100 million to a joint procurement and distribution project for COVAX vaccine to help developing countries," he added. The Chinese leader also noted that China is ready to follow the same path with the international community and promote international cooperation in the field of vaccines.

July 16 Xi Jinping The Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) announced that it will allocate about $3 billion to developing countries over the next three years in aid to fight the pandemic and restore socio-economic development. The head of state also called for the exemption of COVID-19 vaccines from intellectual property rights.

On August 4, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced that China had shipped more than 750 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines abroad. coronavirus.

China is holding the first International COVID-19 Vaccine Cooperation Forum. It is held via videoconference and chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, member of the State Council of the People's Republic of China Wang Yi. As the country's foreign ministry previously reported, it is attended by foreign ministers, relevant departments, as well as representatives of manufacturing companies and vaccine developers from 30 countries of the world.

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