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China to start vaccinating high-risk groups

19.12.2020 117 просмотров

In China, in the winter-spring period, vaccination against COVID-19 will begin for some key populations. 

This was announced on December 19 at the State Committee for Health of the People's Republic of China.

The deputy head of this department Zeng Yixin informed about the successful progress of work in China on the development and vaccination against coronavirus at a press conference, who is also the head of the Vaccine Research and Development Task Force under the Joint Control and Prevention Mechanism of the State Council of the People's Republic of China.

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“We are simultaneously advancing vaccine research in five technological areas. On April 2, Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials of the first vaccine were approved. In June, permission was granted for the use of three vaccines in emergency cases. Since the beginning of July, a number of vaccines have been undergoing the third phase of clinical trials abroad. In general, our work is progressing well,” he informed.
Zeng Yixin announced the decision to vaccinate several key populations in the winter-spring period. These groups are primarily made up of individuals at high risk of contracting the coronavirus, including cold chain logistics workers, customs inspectors, healthcare workers, as well as seafood markets and public transport workers.

period, temperatures across China are dropping. In this regard, the epidemic prevention and control situation will become even more serious, becoming an even greater challenge for us. Therefore, in this context, in order to combat the epidemic, the current work on vaccinating against the coronavirus of part of key populations, based on previous experience in the emergency use of vaccines, is of utmost importance,” explained Zeng Yixin. 

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different levels for different population groups, all categories of Chinese citizens will be covered by COVID-19 vaccination.

in order of priority for hundreds of millions of elderly people, for people at high risk with pre-existing diseases, and then for ordinary people,” he said.

Zeng Yixin added that the goal vaccinations is to ensure the formation of herd immunity among the population through active immunization, as well as to quickly take the epidemic under effective control. .jpg" title="China Vaccination 1.jpg">

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