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China to set up quarantine centers for international arrivals

02.10.2021 101 просмотров

The Chinese authorities intend to do this by the end of October.

China's central government has asked local governments to set up specialized quarantine centers for thousands of people arriving from abroad. This was reported on Friday by Bloomberg, citing a representative of the State Committee for Hygiene and Health Cui Gang.

According to Cui Gan, the Chinese authorities intend to By the end of October, build or refurbish quarantine centers in a number of settlements where foreigners arrive. The number of quarantine boxes to be created will vary depending on the population of the city, with the expectation of at least 20 rooms per 10,000 residents, Cui Gan specified. He added that the purpose of creating such centers is to avoid "disorganization" and "decentralization" in the work of quarantine facilities.

On September 28, the Hong Kong government announced the recognition of Russian vaccination certificates.

In particular, those vaccinated in Russia is allowed to enter Hong Kong from the Russian Federation directly (with the subsequent departure of a 21-day quarantine in a specialized hotel), and not after a three-week stay in a third state.

By agreement reached by the Consulate General with the Hong Kong Food and Health Bureau, for to confirm the fact of vaccination in Russia, in order to board flights to Hong Kong, it is necessary to present vaccination certificates with a QR code generated on the single portal of public services and functions (Gosuslugi) based on vaccination data transmitted by Russian competent medical institutions.

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