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China to allocate $3 billion to developing countries to fight COVID

16.07.2021 100 просмотров

In addition, Beijing will allocate funds to APEC for a fund to fight the pandemic and promote the economy.

The Chinese government will allocate about $3 billion to developing countries over the next three years in aid to fight the pandemic and restore social and economic development. This was stated on Friday by Chinese President Xi Jinping during a meeting of leaders of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) held via videoconference chaired by New Zealand.

“China has overcome the challenge which represented large-scale vaccination, provided developing countries with 500 million doses of vaccines. Over the next three years, we will allocate $3 billion in international assistance to support developing countries in their fight against the pandemic and restore their socio-economic development,” China Central Television quoted him as saying.

demonstrated that we all live in one global village, states share joys and sorrows with each other, and we share a common destiny,” said Xi Jinping.

“We should definitely unite in the name of cooperation, overcome difficulties together and jointly defend the beautiful future and health of mankind,” the head of state emphasized.

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