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China strengthens its partnership with Cambodia with donation of CoronaVac

08.02.2021 117 просмотров

Cambodia has received a large shipment of SARS CoV-2 vaccine from China.

On February 6, a charter flight of a military transport aircraft from China arrived at Cambodia's capital airport. The aircraft delivered a Chinese coronavirus vaccine produced by SinoPharm. She was donated by Beijing to Phnom Penh.


Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia:

"A Cambodian proverb says, 'Friends in need are known.' In this sense, the vaccine donated by China to us is still once again proves the unwavering friendship and close cooperation that binds our two peoples and two countries. And of course, on this foundation we will build our strategic partnership and community of interests in the future."


The public vaccination campaign is scheduled to start on February 10th. Law enforcement, the army, doctors, teachers, journalists, taxi drivers and auto rickshaws will be the first to be vaccinated. The Prime Minister of Cambodia confirmed that his state considers the Chinese drug to be absolutely safe and has already proven its effectiveness not only in the Celestial Empire, but also in a number of other countries. Chinese authorities intend to supply Cambodia with a drug sufficient to vaccinate half a million people.


Cambodia is one of the countries least affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. A little less than 500 people have been infected here since the beginning of the epidemic.


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