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China says it has found an effective drug for coronavirus

19.03.2020 57 просмотров

According to TASS, studies have shown that patients who received Favipiravir, also known as Avigan, recovered faster and their lung condition improved at a much faster pace.

Zhang Xinmin, head of the Center for Biotechnology under the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, said this at a press conference.

Favipiravir has already passed clinical trials that have shown good clinical efficacy in the treatment of a new type of coronavirus," he said. he said, "patients treated with Favipiravir recovered faster, their lung condition improved at a much faster rate." No adverse reactions were recorded," the head of the center said.

According to Zhang Xinmin, the Third People's Hospital of Shenzhen City (southern Guangdong Province) conducted a study involving 80 patients with a confirmed diagnosis of a new type of coronavirus, of which 35 people received "Favipiravir". 

According to observations, in those who took the drug, the test for coronavirus showed a negative result four days after the start of l treatment, while the rest of the patients in the control group took an average of 11 days to recover. In addition, almost all 35 patients had a marked improvement in their lung condition. Among those who did not take Favipiravir, only 62% of cases showed noticeable improvements in the respiratory system.

Another study was conducted by employees of the Zhongnan Hospital at Wuhan University (Wuhan city, central Hubei province). 120 patients were under observation. For those who took the drug, it took less time to reduce fever and relieve coughing fits.

"Given the safety, efficacy and availability of the drug, the researchers officially recommended Favipiravir to physicians, and also suggested that the drug be included in the plan as soon as possible treatment of coronavirus infection,” said Zhang Xinmin.

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Favipiravir was developed by the Japanese corporation Fujifilm Holdings to treat influenza . It has been used effectively in the past to fight Ebola. At the end of February, Japanese Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Katsunobu Kato announced that Japan intends to use Favipiravir to treat patients with coronavirus.

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