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China's Jilin declares high epidemic risk level

19.05.2020 111 просмотров

In accordance with the national standards for local epidemic threat grading, the epidemic risk level in Fengman District has been upgraded from medium to high.

This is reported by Xinhua News Agency with reference to the office of the CCP leading working group of Jilin Province (Northeast China) bordering Russia on combating with the epidemic of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19.

In Shulan County, with a population of 700,000 people, 34 cases of coronavirus infection have been registered. It is known that 535 people were in close contact with the infected. 

The measures introduced in the areas of new infection prohibit the movement of citizens without special permission.  All necessary products will be delivered to your home. Only one family member is allowed to go shopping once a week. 

According to the newspaper South China Morning Post, this outbreak has been linked to the infection of a 45-year-old woman who worked as a laundress at the Shulan County Public Security Bureau. It remains unclear exactly how she became infected. The woman did not go anywhere and did not contact with any of the visitors. In this region, not a single case of infection was recorded for 73 days.

According to statistics cited by TASS, the total number of infections during the epidemic in China amounted to 82,954 people. 4,634 people died, 78,238 Chinese citizens were cured. There are 82 patients in hospitals, 8 of them are serious.

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