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China reacted quickly and harshly to a new outbreak of coronavirus in the capital

15.06.2020 105 просмотров

In China, a new outbreak of SARS CoV-2 was stopped.

In China, the Beijing municipal government, with the help of government forces, put all city services on "high alert" due to the unexpected discovery of COVID-19 pathogens in the city market.

"I think we underestimated the insidiousness of this infection, Miya Zhang, a Beijing-based music teacher, reflects, "I believe that until the virus is completely gone, people should take all precautions in work and daily life." 

"If I understand correctly, they are now looking for the source of the outbreak," says Carol Chen, an HR employee. "I think we are quite able to find it, I think people are already quite aware of what they have to do to avoid infection. So the focus can be quickly isolated."

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A new outbreak of SARS CoV-2 occurred on June 13 at Xinfadi, a large agricultural market in Fengtai District, which was immediately completely closed to the outside world. in 45 people after deciphering the results of express tests of 517 testees.

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