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China provides free medical assistance to countries affected by the coronavirus epidemic

06.03.2020 41 просмотров

China said it will provide comprehensive assistance to all member states of the international economic program "One Belt - One Road", which are now struggling with the spread of the SARS virus.

This, in particular, was stated by Deputy Head of the International Department of the Celestial Empire Ma Chaoxu, focusing on the need to provide urgent assistance to Korea.

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Ma Chaoxu, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, "Actually, local governments and enterprises are already preparing to help the South Korean side, so we are working on it now, and we will step up efforts in the near future."

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First of all, said a senior government official, Beijing intends to deliver the first 10th batch of medical humanitarian cargo, and in the shortest possible time. Further on the list of countries to which China will donate the necessary drugs and medical equipment are Sri Lanka and Cambodia. Prior to this, similar assistance had already been delivered to Japan, Pakistan and Iran.

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