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China prepares to end two-month lockdown

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Life has almost returned to normal in the former epicenter of the global coronavirus pandemic - the multi-million Chinese city of Wuhan, located in Hubei province.

One of the recognized symbols of Wuhan, the international shopping center Chuhe Hanjie Plaza, has resumed its activities as usual, as well as all urban modes of transport. In supermarkets, any, not just grocery stores, have reopened. Nevertheless, at the entrance you must present a smartphone with a QR code and take a temperature measurement. The number of visitors to the stores at one time is also limited, and all customers are offered to use disinfectant dispensers.

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First infectious diseases hospital Wuhan During the epidemic, Union Hospital is again accepting patients with a wide range of diseases, not just the SARS virus. Meanwhile, the city's exhibition center and adjacent conference hall, which have been turned into temporary medical centers since March 9, have stopped receiving patients and have begun to remove medical equipment.

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End of quarantine in Wuhan scheduled for April 8th. In Hubei Province, the lockdown ended on March 23. Restored free movement in the province, but without the right to travel to other regions of the Middle Kingdom. Nevertheless, the townspeople still show enviable vigilance and prefer to maintain a social distance of one and a half meters, and also not to take off their masks. In total, in the 11 millionth Wuhan, about 50 thousand people fell ill with coronavirus, and about two and a half thousand patients died from a dangerous disease.
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