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China opposes politicization of vaccines

08.04.2021 100 просмотров

China stands for the reasonable distribution of vaccines in the world.

China stands ready to work with Germany and other countries to make rational distribution of coronavirus vaccines around the world. This was stated on Wednesday by Chinese President Xi Jinping during a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“China opposes the politicization of vaccines or so-called vaccine nationalism and willing to cooperate with the international community, including Germany, to promote a fair and  reasonable distribution of vaccines, and support assistance to numerous developing countries in obtaining these drugs,  quoted the President of the People's Republic of China China Central Television.

Xi Jinping also noted that despite the existing disagreements between China and the EU, Beijing is ready to work with European partners to "deepen and expand the pragmatic cooperation in & nbsp; various fields".

On March 25, French President Emmanuel Macron made the claim that Russia and China were "seeking to influence" the world through their produced vaccines, and  declared "a new type of world war". The Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a refutation of Macron's words.

On April 5, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that developed countries purchased about 60% of vaccines produced in the world and created a shortage of these drugs for developing countries .

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