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China offered the world over 1.5 billion doses of vaccine this year

27.10.2021 98 просмотров

China has offered more than 1.5 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines to the world since the beginning of this year, playing a leading role in international anti-epidemic cooperation, Luo Zhaohui, head of the China International Development Cooperation Agency, said at a press conference in Beijing on October 26.

Under the personal leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping, China has not only achieved "double leadership" in epidemic control and economic recovery, but also carried out the longest and largest emergency humanitarian rescue operation since the founding of the New China.

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"Last year, China offered large quantities of anti-epidemic materials, including protective suits, masks and ventilators, to 150 countries and 13 international organizations. Since the beginning of this year, we have provided over 1.5 billion doses of COVID vaccines -19,106 countries and four international organizations, ranking first in the world in this indicator," said Luo Zhaohui.

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Since 1949, China's humanitarian aid to other countries of the world has come a long and glorious path for 71 years. Assistance from China covers various areas, including the construction of the Tanzania-Zambia railway and the Karakorum Highway, the promotion of hybrid rice, the proposal of a vaccine against COVID-19, etc.

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"To date, in 71 years, China has provided more than 160 countries, including thousands of comprehensive material assistance projects, implemented tens of thousands of technical cooperation and human resource development projects, and trained more than 400,000 personnel in various fields for developing countries," added Luo Zhaohui.< br>

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