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China mainland reports 10 new COVID-19 cases in past 24 hours

26.09.2021 107 просмотров

On Friday, September 24, 10 new cases of local infection of COVID-19 were recorded in mainland China, the National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China reported on Saturday.

Of the new cases, 8 were detected in Heilongjiang province, the other two in Fujian province.

On the same day, 28 new imported cases of coronavirus infection were registered: 9 in Guangdong, 7 in Yunnan, 6 in Yunnan. in Shanghai, one each in Beijing and Tianjin, as well as in the provinces of Liaoning, Fujian, Hubei and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

type that came from abroad. There were no new deaths from COVID-19 on the mainland that day.

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As of the end of Friday, the total number of imported cases of COVID-19 infection in the Chinese mainland was 8935, of which 8412 patients were discharged from hospitals after recovery , and 523 were still being treated in the country's medical facilities. There were no deaths among patients in this category.

By the end of the same day, a total of 95,986 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection had been registered in the mainland of the country, of which 1,020 patients were still being treated in health facilities in the country, 12 of which are in serious condition.

A total of 90,330 patients have left hospitals after recovery, and 4,636 people have died from the disease.

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On the same day it was 14 new asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus have been identified, all of them arrived from abroad. As of the end of Friday, a total of 348 asymptomatic coronavirus carriers remained under medical observation, 340 of whom came from abroad. 12176, 65 and 16176 respectively. In Hong Kong and Taiwan, 213 and 841 people have died from COVID-19, respectively.

A total of 11,888 patients in Hong Kong SAR, 63 in Macao SAR, and 13,742 in Taiwan have been discharged from hospitals after recovery.

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