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China isolated an entire village from the world

18.01.2021 114 просмотров

China knows how to apply tough measures to curb the coronavirus.

In China, in the province of Heilongjiang, at the foot of the Lesser Khingan, 100 kilometers from Harbin, there is the city of Suihua. There, in the city's Vankui county, the country's medical authorities found several people infected with COVID-19. As a result, 85 residents of one of the county's settlements were quarantined on January 11 at the observation center in Suihua.


Zhang Yu, health worker:

"Medical staff deliver food to all quarantined people three times a day and pick up trash . 


The premises of the observation center are processed by special forces every day in the morning and evening."


Liu Shiguo, township official:

"A group of 5 members of the township and volunteers are patrolling the streets and asking residents to stay at home."


The isolated people were taken to the quarantine center by special transport and used the "red zone" corridor to access the wards assigned to them. 386 residents of the village were placed under observation at home with a ban on leaving the house. 


Roads to the settlement are blocked. The right of access is only for doctors and volunteers who deliver the orders they have made to residents.


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