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China is not yet ready to completely abandon covid restrictions

23.06.2021 90 просмотров

The PRC will maintain the border restrictions introduced due to the covid for at least another year.

The Chinese authorities plan to lift restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic at the border no earlier than the second half of 2022. The Wall Street Journal reported this on Tuesday.

According to her sources, the State Council of the People's Republic of China set such a preliminary date in mid May. The current restrictions on the issuance of visas and mandatory quarantine for visitors to the country are designed to minimize the number of imported cases of coronavirus infection. To stop the spread of infection within the country, the authorities have accelerated the pace of vaccination of the population.

The interlocutors of the newspaper noted that if the Chinese government still decides to soften measures to combat the pandemic, it will begin by easing restrictions on movement between the mainland part of the country and Hong Kong and Macau.

As the publication points out, the caution of the PRC authorities is connected with the events planned for next year (in particular, the Olympic Games in Beijing, which are to be held in February ).

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