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China imposes fines for walking dogs without a leash

02.05.2021 82 просмотров

Their owners will also be required to attach a special identification tag to the collar.

From May 1, dog owners in China are required to walk their pets only on a leash and attach a special identification tag to the collar, otherwise administrative penalties will be applied to them. This is stated in the amendments to the "Law on the Prevention of the Spread of Epizootics", which came into force on Saturday.

tag, - is specified in the updated regulatory legal act. “The purpose of this measure is to prevent injuries that people can get as a result of dog attacks, as well as to prevent the spread of epidemics.” up to 1,000 yuan (about $155 at the current exchange rate). In case of repeated violations, the amount may increase to 5,000 yuan (approximately $770). In especially serious cases, the pet can be confiscated and euthanized at the expense of the owner.

According to official statistics, about 60 million pet owners live in Chinese cities, more than half of them are dog breeders.

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