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China has 16.44 million more city dwellers every year

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Such data are given in the report of the State Statistical Bureau of the People's Republic of China, the Xinhua news agency reports.

Management experts assessed the changes that have taken place in the People's Republic of China since the start of the "policy of reform and opening up", launched in 1978 and associated with the activities of Deng Xiaoping. 

One of the most impressive indicators is the dynamics of urbanization. So, in 1978, 170 million people lived in cities and urban-type settlements in China, in 2017 this figure reached 810 million. In other words, over 40 years, the number of urban population increased by 640 million people. Thus, the average annual population growth amounted to 16.44 million. 

The explosive growth of urbanization has significantly changed the ratio of urban and rural residents. Now in China, over 58% of the population lives in cities, and forty years ago only 18%. 
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At this time, 468 settlements received the status of a city (now there are 661 in China). In addition, the number of cities with more than 5 million inhabitants has reached 16 (in 1978, only Shanghai was such a large metropolis).

The length of urban rail transport lines clearly testifies to the dynamics of China's development. 40 years ago, only Beijing had a 23-kilometer subway, and now its length reaches 4,484 kilometers in 32 cities in China.

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