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China donates COVID-19 vaccine to Nepal

31.03.2021 120 просмотров

Nepal's Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli praised China's contribution to the country's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic on March 29 at a China-donated vaccine handover ceremony.

The Chinese government donated an inactivated vaccine manufactured by Sinopharm to Nepal. On the morning of March 29, a Nepal Airlines charter plane with a vaccine on board, sent by the Nepalese government, returned to Kathmandu. This marked the first large-scale delivery of a Chinese vaccine to Nepal, and also served as an important impetus for the further implementation of the Nepalese vaccination program against the pandemic.

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On the same day, a COVID-19 vaccine handover ceremony was held at the Prime Minister's Residence in Nepal. The event was attended by Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli, Minister of Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali and other dignitaries.
Accepting the certificate of donation from the Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanqi , the Prime Minister, on behalf of the Government of Nepal and himself, wholeheartedly thanked the Government of China for its generous donation. He said that China's measures and efforts to fight COVID-19 are admirable, and China's success in fighting the epidemic is worthy of study by other countries.

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"This batch of vaccine will play a vital role in the fight of Nepal with the COVID-19 pandemic, and will further promote and further deepen the friendship between Nepal and China," addedKhadga Prasad Sharma Oli.

Howe Yanqi,, in turn, said that the provision of this batch of vaccine is not only the fulfillment of China's solemn promise to make the COVID-19 vaccine a global public good, but also a clear manifestation of the two countries jointly building a community of shared destiny and a Silk Road in the region.

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"During the outbreak of the pandemic, China and Nepal have always supported and helped each other, thereby creating a new chapter in stories of friendship between our two peoples who share joy and sorrow in difficult times. We hope that the vaccine provided by China will help Nepal overcome the COVID-19 pandemic as soon as possible and help Nepal resume normal economic and social life as soon as possible," the Chinese Ambassador said.

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Chinese Vaccine Arrives Timely for this Himalayan country as Nepal needs further supplies of the drug to continue the population vaccination campaign that started on January 27.

According to the Ministry of Health and Population of Nepal on March 29, in a country with a population of about the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection is 276,980, the total number of deaths is 3027. The government of Nepal plans to vaccinate 72% of the population, with more than 1.7 ml already vaccinated so far

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The Department of Medicines Management of Nepal on February 17 approved a COVID-19 vaccine developed by Sinopharm's Beijing Institute of Biological Products for emergency use in the country.

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