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China counts 950 million 4G mobile subscribers

29.10.2017 167 просмотров

As of the end of September 2017, there were 950 million 4G mobile subscribers in China. This is evidenced by data published last Friday by the Ministry of Industry and Informatization of the PRC /MPIC/.

"Last month, Chinese 4G subscribers began to use digital services more: the average monthly 4G mobile Internet traffic per subscriber increased to 2 GB, which is 140% higher than in the same period last year," the official said. Zheng Lixin, representative of the above-mentioned department.

The number of fiber optic users in China amounted to 280 million people, which is 82.7% of the total number of fixed broadband subscribers. These data are provided by IPCC as of the end of the third quarter of 2017.

China has the world's largest 4G network and plans to build 2 million more 4G base stations by 2018, which will be located mainly in rural areas.


Since September 1, 2017, Chinese telecom operators have completely abolished roaming and long distance charges due to the fact that digital services have already become their main source of income.

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