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China celebrates Chinese People's Police Day

11.01.2021 70 просмотров

According to statistics, the China Police Hotline receives an average of 300,000 emergency calls daily.

On Sunday, the Celestial Empire celebrated the Day of the Chinese People's Police. From January to November 2020, China's public security organs across the country responded to 99 million emergency calls, with an average daily rate of 300,000.

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In China, the emergency number is 1-1-0. It has been 35 years since the first bell rang in south China's Guangdong province on January 10, 1986.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping sent his sincere congratulations to the police officers. He urged all police officers to take concrete measures to better protect people's happiness, national security and social stability.
China divides its police into more than 20 categories based on specific tasks. They are Public Security Police, Criminal Police, Armed Police, Traffic Police. 

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Police officers also work in the judiciary - provide security in judicial departments, including courts and prosecutors, assist in the transportation of the accused and prisoners between courts, prisons and help in law enforcement.

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