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China celebrated the calendar New Year with songs and dances

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In the vast Celestial Empire, each province in its own way expressed joy on the occasion of the New Year.

In China, all provinces and cities celebrated the New Year with fireworks, folk festivals, concerts with modern and ethnic music and dance numbers, funny joke competitions and, of course, like in all countries of the world, going to a restaurant.

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Residents of the city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the first stage of the coronavirus epidemic, were especially happy. They spent the year without regret, which brought so much suffering to their metropolis, as, indeed, to the entire planet. 

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Despite the fact that the temperature outside did not exceed five degrees below zero, people went en masse to the Yangtze River, where staged a farewell to the outgoing year of the Rat. 

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As a reminder, the Year of the Ox will fully come into its own only in February.

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In the city of Chengdu, in the southwest of China, in the Minjiang River Valley, the local municipality erected a special wall with ritual lanterns near the Jiuyan Bridge. Everyone could write their wish on a flashlight, which was then hung on a wall 20 meters long and 5 meters high.

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The indigenous Miao people, who live in Qinglong County in the scenic Guizhou Province, celebrated the new year with complex ritual choreography that came from ancient times.

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And in Harbin, located in the province of Heilongjiang, an entire ice city was erected, which people from all four corners of China come to see.

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