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China and Russia call on the world to make vaccines a public good

24.03.2021 60 просмотров

Countries around the world should work together to make COVID-19 vaccines a global public good, not politicize the issue. 

Wang Yi, Member of the State Council and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, said this today, March 23, during a joint press conference after talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in the city Guilin (Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, South China).

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“Everyone knows that COVID-19 is the common enemy of all mankind. Vaccines, as the most effective weapon against the virus, should bring maximum benefit to as many people around the world as possible. Chairman Xi Jinping pledged that China will make COVID-19 vaccines a global public good and will also contribute to making vaccines available to developing countries. We are fulfilling this promise with practical actions. We hope that all countries can strengthen coordination and cooperation in research, development, production and distribution of vaccines. In this way, vaccines can truly become a global public good available to everyone," said Wang Yi.

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against any attempt to politicize vaccine issues and join forces to get through difficult times together.

"I want to reiterate that China is doing humanitarian work instead of planning so-called 'vaccine diplomacy.' Unlike some selfish major countries which stockpile a large number of vaccines, our initial intention is to provide access to vaccines to as many people as possible as soon as possible.We hope that human society can emerge from the mists of the epidemic as soon as possible.China and Russia are not only fixated on themselves, but benefit the world,” said Wang Yi.

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According to Sergey Lavrov, from the very beginning of the pandemic, Russia and China is a model of openness, cooperation and mutual assistance.

“This cooperation continues, including in the production and distribution of vaccines, we also talked about this today. Our respective institutions in Russia and China are in contact on these matters. And I will emphasize what President Putin said yesterday when he held a meeting on the problem of the production and distribution of the vaccine. He clearly spoke out that in these matters everyone should be guided solely by considerations of humanity, the interests of saving lives, and not by geopolitical considerations,” said the head of the Russian diplomatic department. 

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China actively participates in the mechanism WHO – COVAX, having already provided COVID-19 vaccine assistance to 69 developing countries in dire need, and exported vaccines to 43 countries.

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