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China actively prepares for the 2022 Winter Olympics

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Chinese citizens are very worried about the fate of the upcoming Olympics.

In China, more and more people, looking at neighboring Japan, fear for the success of the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics, which is no more than 12 months away. As you know, Japan was forced to postpone the Summer Olympic Games, but even now many doubt that they will be successfully held due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation in the island state, in particular, and so far in the world as a whole.


Hao Peifan, 10 years old, schoolgirl:

"I'm very worried - I'm afraid that the Games won't be cancelled. Because there are still many countries in the world that have not yet managed to cope with the pandemic."


Ms. Li, 59, Beijing resident:

"First, we must finally overcome the epidemic, and then think about how we can host the Olympics. Why do I think so? Yes, because then we will finally be able to take off these masks, which, in my opinion, is simply wonderful in itself!"


Li Yuan, 65, Beijing resident:

"I believe that China has all the necessary means "to curb the virus. And our people fully support the leadership of the country in this endeavor. Therefore, I believe that spring will come and we will defeat the epidemic. And I am already looking forward to the opening of the Winter Olympic Games."


Currently, China has not yet opened its borders to mass foreign tourism. On this occasion, analysts hope that China will move to mass vaccination soon to finally defeat SARS CoV-2 and hold the Olympic Games next year, allowing many fans to come to the largest international sporting event on the planet.

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